Inspired by Oriental beauty that is sweet, fragile but glamorous and deep inside, Hanoia has just launched a new collection of lacquer silk (Lãnh Mỹ A), known as “the queen” of all varieties of silk. “Orient at a glance” collection will impress you with simple cuts, gentle curves at waist, charming pleats off the shoulder, graceful bat-wing shapes and overlapping neck designs… It evokes a sense of timeless elegance, of mystery and sophistication. Featuring long dresses and women’s lightweight coats and jackets which are suitable for spring and summer, the collection is highly applicable to daily life and easy to mix and match with lacquered jewelry.

Only available at Hanoia House - 38 Hang Dao, Ha Noi. Call now: +84 24 3293 0819

Enhancing the uniqueness of the fabric, Hanoia Collection is made with great attention to detail. The main feature of this collection is the easy application of the haute couture in the daily life, whilist preserving sophisticated handmade tailoring techniques. The combination of pieces in one product makes the woman more unique and special. The collection takes advantages of the matte surface of the fabric, which looks as chic and elegant as leather and gives a noble flair on the body. Not to mention decorative patterns using smoking techniques or in tiny pleats which requires meticulous care and high accuracy of talented tailors. 

“Hanoia design by Cong Tri” is the first limited collection of Hanoia house. Nguyen Cong Tri, famous for his cutting edge and elegant pieces he made, is the first Vietnamese designer to become a member of Asian Couture Federation (ACF). Inspired by the secret beauty and the luxury of Hanoia’s art of jewelry, which features the craftsmanship of excellence in combination with contemporary design,  Cong Tri told us a lovely story about lacquer silk - this is a quiet and peaceful world where people have the chance to return to the nature and the eternal beauty of the past.Taking full advantage of the shiny black of lacquer silk and the art of arranging sophisticated patterns, as well as elegant smocking techniques, Cong Tri has created a unique collection using Vietnamese traditional fabric, which features a modern and luxury visual impression. “Hanoia design by Cong Tri” reflects a full organic spirit from the material to the craftsmanship. Together with Hanoia’s art of jewelry, this collection honours a noble and elegant beauty.

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